EmmaUS field trips

Friends of Southwest DC has supported EmmaUs Learning Center in its goals and objectives to offer students a variety of opportunities to further enhance their educational background since 2002. What a commitment!  

If your organization had not provided us with the support for our program we would not have been able to provide our students with leadership opportunities. . . . As a result of your support, we created a financial literacy program. Each participant was given a specific amount of money. The goal was to have them learn how to spend within their budget. They were required to save some and not ask anyone for additional money.   

We are more than grateful to you for sponsoring the field trips. The purpose of the trips was to expose participants to the early history of American independence from Great Britain, the American Revolution, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and to those who were pioneers in developing American History.

 by Emma P. Ward, Directress,  EmmaUs Learning Center  


Philadelphia 2012

The above pictures are from a 2012 trip to the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

Below are some photos and testimonials from trips in 2015, 2016, 2017, & 2018


Testimonials from the students on the trips

"The best part of the trip was to the place where they had all of the statutes of the people who signed the Constitution. I also took the Oath of Office for the President. I also signed the Constitution. It was so much fun to stand there among all the different statutes." 

 “I had a good time on the trip. I learned that the people had to fight to get our freedom from another country. I took the Oath of Office. Thank you for letting me go.” 

“Thank you for the trip. I learned how we got our independence on July 4, 1776 and the celebration of the fourth of July 4 has more meaning to me now.” 

“Thanks for letting me participate on this field trip. I saw the statute of James Madison and I took a photo with him. He is my height and is the shortest.” 

 “Thank you. I learned so much on the van. I had so much fun visiting all the people who signed the Constitution. I sat with Mr. Benjamin Franklin and acted like I was talking to him.” 

 “I liked riding and reading the signs. They are good and help you get where you want to go.”  


 Thank you SW Friends. What was interesting about some of the people lived a long time. I counted three who died when they were 90 or older. I enjoyed going into the Voting Booth and acting like I was voting. I enjoyed taking the Oath of Office for President.”  

 Thank you SW Friends. I learned that the picture of George Washington is on the one dollar bill and the quarter. I also learned that an American car has the same name as one of our presidents (Lincoln). And that his picture is on the penny.”   

 “Thank you SW Friends. I learned that at one time Benjamin Franklin was talking about making the turkey our national bird but others decided to use the bald eagle. I learned that the abbreviation for PA is the same as a short name for father.” 

 “Thank you S.W. Friends. I learned that we had to go through many states to get to Philadelphia. This was my first trip. We stopped at rest area and saw so many fun things 

 "Thank you SW Friends. I had a great time. I had a lot of fun taking pictures. I was sad to see the jail cell where President Nelson Mandela had to stay all those years. That was a mean thing to do to him. I had read about it in school. 

 “Thank you SW Friends. I learned that Black History is very, very real. I learned how people fought for this country. I learned a lot about history.