EmmaUS-Turkey Hill

Turkey Hill Experience

Thank you so very much for the support that Friends of Southwest DC contribute to making sure our youth of tomorrow get exposure that will forever be memorable.

On Sunday, October 28, 2018, our organization took 3 chaperones and 12 children on a trip to Turkey Hill Experience in Columbia, Pennsylvania about two hours away from Washington, D.C.  

The excursion was a great exposure that none of the children had experienced. It provided them with an opportunity to learn about dairy culture, the story of Turkey Hill Dairy and how the company’s ice cream and iced tea flavors are selected and created.  The interactive exhibits allowed children to sit on a vintage milk truck, milk a mechanical cow, create a Turkey Hill commercial, create their very own ice cream flavor in a Taste Lab, and above all, enjoy an opportunity of unlimited free samples of Turkey Hill ice cream.

Emma P. Ward
EmmaUs Learning Center


Comments from the participants

“Thank you S.W. Friends. I learned about how they make and ship Turkey Hill ice cream.  I also learned a lot about cows.  They chew all day long. They have 32 teeth." 

 “ I liked the trip. It was not easy learning how to milk the cow. It was hard work. I liked making my own ice cream.”     

"I learned so much on this trip.  This is the first time I have been to Pennsylvania. I love to drink milk. Cows give you so much milk every day.  The best part of the trip was making the ice cream and eating as much of it as I wanted."   

" I liked making the  ice cream.  I also liked trying to milk the cow.  It was fun to get in the ice cream truck and act like I was driving it to take the ice cream to the stores. I also liked riding in the little ice cream car."  

" I did not know until today that cows have no top teeth. How can they eat? I guess it’s okay to have 32 teeth at the bottom only.”     

 “Thank you SW Friends.  I had never been on a ride that long.  I had fun looking out the window and seeing all the big trucks passing by.  They were going fast.  I like the ice cream.”