Thelma D. Jones Breast Cancer Fund @ SW Renaissance Development Corporation

Thank you again for FOS’s vote of confidence in my work and the $500  grant to attend the National Breast Cancer Coalition Conference May 2-5,  2015 in Crystal City, VA. The conference was all that I had expected in  terms of the contents, quality and variety of information shared, great  speakers, and wonderful networking opportunities. I am pleased that I  met Ann Fofa, Breast Cancer Survivor, Founder and Executive Director,  The Annie AppleSeed Project, who will visit Washington on July 20, 2015  at 6:30 pm at Westminster Church to discuss the use of natural food and  it relationship to preventing cancer reoccurrence as well as preventing a  host of chronic diseases. A mutual friend had told me about Ann for  quite a while so meeting her by happenstance was a joy.

The July 20 event is being sponsored by The Thelma D. Jones Breast  Cancer Fund (TDJ BDF) and would appreciate if you or a designated  member can attend and give 3-5 minutes greetings on behalf of FOS in  appreciation of your support in awarding me the grant to attend the NBCC  Conference.

Thank you again for supporting my efforts and I hope that you or a  designated person will be able to attend. As a matter of fact, FOS as a  whole is invited to attend.


Thelma D. Jones

Founder & Breast Cancer Survivor & Advocate