Friends of SW DC

Friends of Southwest DC serves non-profit organizations in SW DC by supporting organizations that conduct educational, community development and charitable programs.


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FOS Mission
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FOS Mission


    To provide support for youth through scholarships and other programs

Community Development

    To enhance the neighborhood's physical and social environment


    To help fund projects of benefit to residents in need, especially youth and seniors

FOS Board Members

Coralie Farlee
Co-founding incorporator 1998
Member, Board of Directors since 1998
Current term expires 2020


Jean Sammon
Member, Board of Directors since 2014
Current term expires 2019

Charles W. Hargrave
Member, Board of Directors since 1999
Current term expires 2019


Joyce Bouvier
Member, Board of Directors since 2004
Current term expires 2018

Peter Eicher
Member, Board of Directors since 2016
Current term expires 2018

Cecile Jones
Member, Board of Directors since 2013
Current term expires 2019


Previous Members of Board of Directors

Preston Amos 2008-2011
Carlos Boudreau 2004-2007
Pat Dever 2008-2010
Margaret Feldman 1998-2005
Farley Fisher 2012-2016
Donald H. Flanders 2008-2015
Martin Forrester, 1998-1999, co-founding incorporator
Betsy Hobby 1999-2004
Thelma Jones 2006-2011
Benjamin R. Lemlich 2005-2007
Emerson J. Melaven, 2008-2011
Keith Melder, 1998-2013, co-founding incorporator
Lenore Moragne 2002-2006
Ezra A. Naughton, 2010-2013
Lucy Rojansky 2016-2017
Rodney A. Ross, 2011-2017
Sheila Z, Wood 2010–2011
Robert S. Ziegler, 1998-2003, co-founding incorporator




Friends of Southwest DC
389 O Street SW, Washington, DC 20024